All open for the presidential run-off – The Economic Journal

All open for the presidential run-off - The Economic Journal

"The second round is always a new election. In principle, the chances of Bolsonaro winning are huge because they came close to 50%, but several things can happen because it is now, in the second round, that the primordial question of political alliances will consolidate, "said Edison Nunes in an interview with Lusa agency.

Contrary to what is expected for the second round, the professor admitted that during the entire electoral period there was almost no registration of political coalitions, and who eventually came together, was greatly impaired.

"It was the first time, with new electoral rules working, that parties were encouraged not to join. In addition, the population dissatisfied with the politicians and the way they behaved, and currently behave, created a huge rejection even of commitments to the parties, "he said.

Edison Nunes added that "the only coalition candidate was extremely penalized because of that, it was Geraldo Alckmin of the PSDB, who finished (the election) with less than 5% of the votes."

Alckmin, of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB), created an alliance with nine parties: PSDB, Progressives (PP), Brazilian Labor Party (PTB), Social Democratic Party (PSD), Solidarity (SD), Brazilian Republican Party ), Democrats (DEM), Partido Popular Socialista (PPS) and Partido da República (PR), which guaranteed him a longer television broadcast time, something that was not enough to captivate the Brazilians, who ended up giving him only 4 , 76% of the votes.

Edison Nunes also said that he sees in Bolsonaro a candidate capable of "contributing a lot" to the evolution of Brazil, unlike Fernando Haddad, who "burned all the possibility of forming a government."

"Bolsonaro, despite being a more crude person … is a person who can certainly contribute a lot. They say he is authoritarian, but those who think differently are always seen as problematic, "said the professor of politics.

For the academic, the image of a "Bolsonaro monster" was mistakenly formed.

"The Bolsonaro will not chase homosexuals, will not discriminate blacks, will not put burka [veste tradicional muçulmana que cobre todo o corpo] in women. In other words, they painted the devil's scarecrow on him, "he said.

To Lusa, Edison Nunes listed the points that the extreme right candidate has for and against, in a clash with Fernando Haddad in the second round.

"Favorable to Bolsonaro is the rejection of the PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores), the attempt to renew the political environment, the demand for moral in politics and also the empowerment of sectors of society that until then were silent by an elites' speech."

In opposition to Bolsonaro's victory, Edison Nunes said he believed that the culture of "hatred that has been disseminated in the last 15 to 20 years" against everything that "order in Brazilian society" may weigh at the time of voting, as well as the union of left-wing parties for Fernando Haddad to win.

The PSL candidate won the Brazilian presidential election this Sunday, with 46.7% of the votes, followed by Fernando Haddad (PT), with 28.37%, a result that dictated the need for a second round between the two candidates, since none obtained more than 50%.

The decision on the successor of Michel Temer as 38th President of the Federative Republic of Brazil is thus postponed until October 28.

On Sunday, 147 million Brazilians went to the polls to elect a new President, members of parliament (House of Representatives and Senate), as well as regional governors and legislators across the country.

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