Allergies. Patients request total reimbursement for adrenaline pens – News

Allergies. Patients request total reimbursement for adrenaline pens - News

"We are talking about 'life saving' medication, to save life in minutes," recalled Sofia Luz, stressing that food allergy "affects the cardiorespiratory device rapidly."

The platform also says that in Portugal there is still a lot of confusion between what is to be intolerant of a food (to digest badly and to be ill-disposed, but without risk of life) and to be allergic, which implies dying in minutes just by ingesting, the food concerned.

Sofia Luz also says that "many medications are reimbursed for chronic diseases in Portugal" and that, therefore, it makes perfect sense to fully share this pen, which can save the patient's life in minutes.

"In Portugal, several chronic diseases have a full share of the medication, even if there is no immediate risk of life, which is fantastic. It is important that you know, as well as the entire Portuguese society, that in the case of food allergy, we are speak of a self-administration pen that saves life in seconds and that is only reimbursed in 37%, "it can be read in the open letter, which Lusa had access.

The patient must be carrying at least two adrenaline pens and, in the case of children, parents often choose to have extra pens.

The platform "Ms. Allergy" also sent the same information to the President of the Republic and to the Parliamentary Health Commission.

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