"Alma", by Manuel Alegre, returns to bookstores with a preface by Mário Soares – Showbiz

"Alma", by Manuel Alegre, returns to bookstores with a preface by Mário Soares - Showbiz

Soares, in turn, said: "Do not leave us with your mouth watering." "Let's get the job done." Tell us the rest of the story quickly, or, contrary to what we were asked to believe a few years ago, we are not to live the end of history, and will we have to persist in our old struggles? "

Alma, as Mario Soares explains, is a village by the river, "in a still time, where the echoes of warring Europe reverberated faintly but provoked insistent divisions in families, and where Maria do Ó [uma das personagens], of the same age and dressed as an angel, 'just looks p'ró Duarte' [outra personagem] and in whose 'very blue eyes began [para ele] the South'".

"A village where the house was," a castle, a sacred place, the last stronghold, "where grandmother Beatriz reigned, her husband's keeper of Alma's opposition and republican legitimacy."

Pacheco notes "a precious testimony" presented the writer, in the form of a metaphor, "a provincial town with its daily life, marked by repression and Salazarist fear."

Mário Soares, who would have ten years as the adversary for the presidential elections of 2006, recalls the complicity with Alegre, of whom he affirms: "I admire man, in his integrity, as a whole, in his qualities and defects. companion of ideal and of way, fraternal friend, in the good and the bad hours, with very similar political paths, tried in so many memorable battles, caught in common, accomplices in the way of being and feeling and in a certain romantic way or, if they prefer , affective, to face the events and to live with the others ".

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