Almada Theater Festival with homage to Carlos Avilez and return to the stages of Maria de Medeiros – Showbiz

Almada Theater Festival with homage to Carlos Avilez and return to the stages of Maria de Medeiros - Showbiz

The festival will open on July 4, at the D. António da Costa School, with "A Boda" by Bertolt Brecht, staged by Ricardo Aibéo, followed on 5th, 6th and 7th at the incredible Almadense " Provisional Figures "project by Marco Martins with non-actors from Great Yarmouth, UK.

Also from the 5th, the D. Maria II National Theater in Lisbon will receive "As Três Sozinhas" by Anabela Almeida, Cláudia Gaiolas and Sílvia Filipe.

Throughout the program, the presence of the Castilian language is manifold, starting with Vero Cendoya's "La Partida", a choreographic street show for five dancers, five soccer players and a referee from texts by Eduardo Galeano. place in St. John the Baptist Square, also on the second day of the festival.

Rafael Álvarez plays "Esquilo, Nacimiento and Muerte de la Tragedia", while the company T4, from Buenos Aires, takes to the stage "Un Poyo Rojo", with space for the also Argentine "Clandestine Country", by Maëlle Poésy and Jorge Eiro .

The Théâtre de Nîmes, from France, takes to the D. António da Costa School "Franito", "a brilliant revival of flamenco" staged by Patrice Thibaud, while the Nantes company Non Nova presents "Saison Sèche", a play Avignon Festival last year with staging and dramaturgy of Phia Ménard and Jean-Luc Beaujault.

For its part, the companies 1er Temps, from Dakar, and ABC, from Paris, take Almada "De Quoi Sommes Nous Faits ?!", a choreographic proposal for four interpreters of Andréya Ouamba with staging by Catherine Boskowitz.

This year's show of honor – chosen by the public of the previous edition to be repeated in 2019 – is up to "Dr. Nest "by the German Familie Flöz, and will be brought to the scene on the 14th, on the grand stage of the D. António da Costa School.

The festival will also host concerts, an evening for children on the esplanade of the D. António da Costa School on July 9, training courses, exhibitions and debates.

The signatures of the festival cost 75 euros, while ticket prices for the individual shows vary depending on the room in Almada, Lisbon and Cascais.

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