Altice Innovation Award: Proposals range from lessons for truck drivers to personal speakers – Expert

Altice Innovation Award: Proposals range from lessons for truck drivers to personal speakers - Expert

They were among the more than 80 projects that applied for the 2018 edition of the Altice Innovation Award, to compete in the themes Telecom, Media & Content and Data & Advertising. Fuel Save, MOV.E, ODiHO, Plussh, Secret City Trails and Tempow participated in the Startups category and "turned" finalists.

Always with a lot of technology to the mix, or innovation was not the motto of the international initiative, the ideas are very varied, ranging from solutions for loading electric vehicles, to proposals to discover the history and curiosities of a city through a set of tracks . There is also an application to teach truck drivers to save fuel, an idea that turns the smartphone into a personal loudspeaker, video streaming and a suggestion to bring Bluetooth "to the limit".

And if the projects are varied, the stories behind the ideas and those who created them are also. The objectives and the way of facing the initiative promoted by Altice Portugal are often common.

For the founders of the French startup ODiHO, officially established in November 2017, after five years of "marinating ideas", the Altice Innovation Award is definitely a "win / win". For the operator "it is a great way to keep up to date on the innovation produced by startups," says Gauthier Dalle, and also "evaluate products and services that may or may not be added to your portfolio.

For a startups like ODiHO represents the possibility of improving project visibility and speeding up the product road map and business development, he says.

Tempow's Vincent Nallatamby is even more straightforward to confess that after the French startup with a team of 14 people has already partnered with Motorola for its Tempow Audio Profile (TAP), a Bluetooth upgrade , the intention now is to "conquer" Altice. "Altice is a key player in our industry and for young startups like us, this is a unique opportunity to get closer to decision makers."

José Toscano, one of the three responsible for the Portuguese mov.e, argues that the intention to participate in a gender initiative "assists" all participants.

"We look for what all startups are looking for: market validation, strategic partners and financial support"

The co-founder of the startup, which mixes IT, energy and mobility, believes that the Altice Innovation Award will always be an important step in the company's growth path.

Reasons to win

Winning the prize of 50,000 euros and the possibility and possibility of a pilot (proof of concept) with the Altice Group, with a minimum duration of six months are the main arguments to participate in the Innovation Award, but there is another type advantages.

And at this point, the finalists pull "the ember to their sardine". In the case of Fuelsave, there are several "embers". "Fuelsave distinguishes itself from other startups by the team, and by people around the company, such as our advisors", TEO António Fradique tells SAPO.

The co-founder says the team, dedicated to real-time data science and has an application to optimize truck driving, was able to meet all milestones planned during 2018 and still get financing in a short time – startup was set up in February 2018.

"We are also different because we have an enormous passion and motivation for the area we study and develop, which is the combination of the latest technology in the field of data science and artificial intelligence with human conduct and behavior. "

For France's Plussh, it would be "a great honor" to win the Altice Innovation Award, "which would give us the opportunity to work and develop our solutions with Altice … and accelerate the take-off," admits Dimitri Moulins.

The winners of the Altice Innovation Award, both in the Startups and the Academy category, will be revealed on 10 October. The first place in the Startups category has a monetary prize of 50 thousand euros and the possibility of a pilot (proof of concept) with the Altice Group, with a minimum duration of six months. Already the winner in the category Academy, destined to finalists of masters and doctorate, will receive a prize of 25 thousand euros.

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