Altice terminates with IPTelecom after “thousands of euros stopped and lost”. Government surprised – Business

Altice terminates with IPTelecom after “thousands of euros stopped and lost”. Government surprised - Business

During this period, Altice Portugal requested six times hearings with the Government, aiming to denounce the “action and inaction of IP and IPT”. Two of these hearings were attended by the then Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Guilherme d'Oliveira Martins, two others with the then Minister of Planning, Pedro Marques, one with the current Secretary of State for Communications, Alberto Souto de Miranda and the last. , on August 5, with the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Jorge Delgado.

At this last meeting, Altice states that the CEO of Altice Portugal met with the Secretary of State for Communications, in a meeting “where the unequivocal desire of Altice Portugal not to allow the current situation to be perpetuated” was immediately mentioned. Already the meeting of August 8 "was the moment that Altice Portugal found to be able, with the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, to denounce the behavior of IPTelecom".

In addition, the issue was also in addition to mediated parliamentary debates, in which the Government was repeatedly questioned about the contract that had been concluded with Altice Portugal.

The genesis of the contract corresponded to a political purpose created by the Portuguese Government to bury air routes in areas of high danger of forest fires. Therefore, the company denies "any business motivation".

The company explains that it was the only operator that agreed to implement this governmental project, having made available in its investment plan the amount. Therefore, it speaks of “thousands of euros stopped and lost”, in operational resources, human and equipment stopped but allocated.

Affirming that it has always had “the openness and understanding of the members of the Government of the Trusteeship Ministry”, Altice considers that it has always been clear its “unequivocal willingness” to fulfill the partnership agreement, being “completely unaware of the obstacles created over time. IP and IPT ”.

And about what was made public of a possible addendum, discussed 20 months after the signing of the initial protocol, which allegedly resolved the whole process, Altice Portugal states that there were several such documents, signed for a year and a half, but that “never solved whatever it was. ” For the company, IPTelecom has maintained a position of “making the cable burying process unfeasible by creating more than a dozen discussion points, the overwhelming majority of which remain open today”.

Altice Portugal also talks about other situations “of particular gravity and impact” by IP and IPT.

And continuing with the “strict and legally unjustified stance on the part of IP and IPT”, Altice considers that this decision is fully justified in the 2017 agreement and any others that may arise with IP and / or IPT. . “We do not confuse the public interest with personal strategies or business daydreams,” he says.

If this contract were to be completed to the end, Altice envisaged the execution of works estimated to amount to around € 6 million. But as such, the Government's objectives of increasing the resilience of electronic communications networks in the municipalities identified as high hazard, as well as facilitating investments in new generation networks, are thus undermined, “for reasons solely attributable to IPT and IPT ”.

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