AMAL allocates 600 thousand euros to increase medical school vacancies

AMAL allocates 600 thousand euros to increase medical school vacancies

Agreement foresees that, in each academic year, until 2025, the number of enrollments in the master's degree will progressively increase

AMAL – Intermunicipal Community of the Algarve decided to sponsor the enlargement of vacancies in the Medicine course at the University of the Algarve, granting a support of 600 thousand euros.

In a statement, the institution considers “investment” in all components of the health area in the Algarve region to be “decisive”, “namely equipment, research and development, responses from health services and higher and postgraduate training in health”.

"Therefore, [a AMAL] responded affirmatively to the challenge launched by the University and decided to contribute 600 thousand euros so that the increase in vacancies is a reality this year ”, he adds.

Strengthening and expanding medical education in the region

The contract that materializes the support has as its object "the concretization, reinforcement and expansion of the teaching of Medicine at the University of Algarve", through the cycle of studies of the integrated master in Medicine.

It will be signed by AMAL, University of Algarve, Association for the Development of the Academic Center for Research and Biomedical Training of the Algarve (AD-ABC) and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education (through the General Directorate of Higher Education). The decision was taken at the April meeting of the Intermunicipal Council.

The agreement will end on December 31, 2025 and foresees that, in each academic year, the number of enrollments in the master's degree will increase progressively: in the fifth and last year the number of enrollments should not be less than 96 students – currently there are 64 .

The mayors underline sharing “a regional vision and concerns for territorial cohesion”, deciding “to join efforts and collaborate financially” as a “sign of goodwill” and because they understand that “the increase in the training offer, especially in this area, will contribute to a unquestionable public good from which the entire region will benefit ”.

Mayors want government to take responsibility

The unanimity in the decision was approved for this first year, and in the following four years, “the Central Administration, through the Ministry of Science and Technology and Higher Education, will be asked to assume that this is effectively your responsibility” .

The contract, in this first year, already provides some counterparts for the municipalities, namely the creation and development of projects, by the ABC (Algarve Biomedical Center), in articulation with the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve, which can improve the quality of the services. health care provided in the region, as well as attracting and retaining health professionals in the Algarve.


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