Amália Rodrigues 100 years take place at TEMPO, in Portimão

Amália Rodrigues 100 years take place at TEMPO, in Portimão

To mark the centenary of the birth of the queen of fado, the Grand Auditorium of TEMPO – Municipal Theater of Portimão will stage on the 12th of September the unprecedented show “Amália Rodrigues – 100 Years”, starting at 9:30 pm.

This tribute results from a partnership between the program "Choque Frontal ao Vivo", TEMPO, the city council of Portimão and the association "exAGITAR", with the participation of several guest artists, who will sing themes of the fado diva, with other clothes and rhythms, paying homage to one of the most beloved and acclaimed voices in Portugal.

The show on the night of September 12 intends to «remember, feel and renew the spirit of the fado singer, not only aiming to reach the contemporary audience of Amália, but also to attract new generations, through the voice of performers who dance and perform their own versions of the repertoire immortalized by the singer », advances the autarchy; namely: Alexandra, Marco Rodrigues, Júlio Resende, Luana Velasquez, Laura Abel and Suricata with Teresa Aleixo, and guitarists Ricardo Martins, Luís Trindade and Cláudio Sousa.

Tickets, for those over six years old, have a cost of 12 euros and can be purchased at the TEMPO ticket office, from Tuesday to Saturday between 1 pm and 5:30 pm, and on the nights of the show until its beginning. They are also available online at and at the usual BOL adherent sites. It is also possible to collect more information online or through the ticket office contacts: 282 402 475 or 961 579 917.


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