Amazon and Alphabet pocketed and lose $ 100 billion – Business

Amazon and Alphabet pocketed and lose $ 100 billion - Business

Technology giants sank into the last session of the New York Stock Exchange and sink Nasdaq. Microsoft moves to second place among the highest rated …

This week there had already been negative signs on the stock market of technology giants Amazon and Alphabet, who led the Wall Street disaster, adding losses of $ 100 billion. The drop dragged the Dow Jones indices by 1.19%, the S & P500 down 1.31% and Nasdaq down 2.07%.

According to Jornal de Negócios, Amazon shares fell by 7.82% to $ 1,643. This fall represents a decline of $ 86 billion, jumping to the top five biggest losses of a listed company in a single day. This blunder caused Jeff Bezos' company to lose its place as the world's second-largest listed company, worth just over $ 800 billion, well below the "trillion dolar baby" recorded in early September when it broke the barrier of the billions of dollars.

The fall allowed Microsoft to gain ground, becoming now the second most listed on the New York Stock Exchange, after the good results recorded this week. Still, shares of the company founded by Bill Gates fell 1.24% after a 5% increase in previous session.

Alphabet, Google's parent company, also fell on Wall Street, starting at 5%, but at the end of Friday's session managed to recover to "only" 1.8%, with shares worth $ 19.84 . In this sense, the technology giant underwent a $ 38 billion downturn.

Adding to the losses of Alphabet and Amazon, $ 100 billion were "burned" in the session this Friday. This year, other technology giants recorded record-breaking, such as Tencent, with the biggest drop of 143 billion euros, and Facebook at 136 billion dollars.

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