Amazon surpasses Google and Apple and becomes the most valuable brand in the world – Business

Amazon surpasses Google and Apple and becomes the most valuable brand in the world - Business

Amazon has invested in areas outside of online shopping, including hardware, cloud and even space, and this made the company created by Jeff Bezos one of the main disrupters in the market. The new ranking of Kantar, the BrandZ 2019, gives Amazon the top 100 most valuable brands, rising two positions and surpassing the "heavyweights" of Apple and Google, which grew only 3 and 2% over last year.

According to the data, Amazon is now worth 315 billion dollars, while Apple is worth 309.5 billion and Google 309 billion. Fourth is Microsoft, which remains in fourth place with a valuation of 251 million dollars, despite a rise of 25% over 2018.

This calculation has nothing to do with stock market valuation, where in April Microsoft touched the goal of the billionaire club, where Apple and Amazon already figured.

The search for brands linked to "conscious marketing" with more eco-friendly consumers is one of the trends identified by BrandZ, which underlines this as one of the challenges for companies.

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Technology companies have led the BrandZ Top 100 since the first edition of the global brand value ranking in 2006 when Microsoft ranked first. Much has changed over the past 13 years and Amazon's rise is against this trend, although Jeff Bezos' company can no longer be considered a pure online retailer.

Amazon's acquisitions have generated new revenue streams, coupled with excellent customer service and the ability to stay ahead of its competitors with a diversified ecosystem of products and services that have helped drive leadership.

In the Top 10, Facebook remains at number 6, while, for the first time, Alibaba outperformed Tencent, making it the most valuable Chinese brand. Xiaomi is one of the newcomers to the ranking.

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