Amazon Web Services re-invests in Portugal with new Amazon CloudFront presence – Business

Amazon Web Services re-invests in Portugal with new Amazon CloudFront presence - Business

After opening its first office in Portugal in late 2018, Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to invest in the country. Now the bet is the new Point of Presence of Amazon CloudFront service in Lisbon.

In a press release, AWS guarantees that the new local point of presence offers a "full package of benefits provided by Amazon CloudFront, including integration with computing, networking and security services such as AWS Lambda @ Edge, Amazon Route53, Amazon. S3 Transfer Acceleration, AWS Shield, and AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) ".

Portugal is thus the latest country to be connected to AWS's global infrastructure network, which already has 187 points of presence in 69 cities in 30 countries.

In a statement, the AWS Director for Europe says the company is very excited to provide customers in Portugal with "an advanced and secure technology infrastructure". This announcement will help "Portuguese organizations achieve lower latency while achieving the same levels of security as they expect from AWS Cloud," he explains.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister António Costa has already welcomed this decision, stating that "AWS's commitment to invest in Portugal through AWS's Point of Presence in Lisbon demonstrates how our country continues to build a more central role in the digital world. and reaffirms the importance of cloud computing in the digitization of Portugal ".

This decision aims to boost the use of even more web applications in Portugal, including e-commerce, educational, entertainment, gaming, healthcare, media, mobile banking and government services.

In addition, with the arrival of infrastructure in Portugal, customers can now secure their applications through AWS Perimeter Security Service, AWS Shield, which provides always-on detection and automatic DDOS mitigations that minimize application downtime. .

Impresa, Miniclip and Uniplace are already some of the clients in Portugal, but the Portuguese Football Federation is also welcoming the arrival of Amazon CloudFront.

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