An Algarve in the final of the Festival da Canção RTP

An Algarve in the final of the Festival da Canção RTP

Rooted in Quarteira but born in Faro, the Algarve Sara Afonso, who was chosen in the first semi-final of the Festival da Canção, held on February 20, will compete in the final of the event next Saturday, March 6, interpreting the song 'Contramão', composed by pianist Filipe Melo.

The Algarve representative at the Song 2021 festival, attends the Jazz course at the Escola Superior de Música, in Lisbon, and teaches voice lessons at a gym in the capital.

Along the way were also the Algarvians, Nadine, who acted in the first final, interpreting the song “Cheguei Aqui”, by Anne Victorino d’Almeida.

Ana Tereza who acted in the second semi-final, this Saturday, February 27, interpreting the theme “Com um Abraço”, music by Viviane and Tó Viegas, with lyrics by Viviane.

As previously stated, the Algarve Sara Afonso, will play “Contramão” in the Final competing with nine other songs, namely: ‘Love is on My Side’ – The Black Mamba; 'Na Mais Profunda Saudade' – Valéria; ‘Dia Lindo’ – Fábia Maia; 'Saudade' Karetus & Romeu Bairos; ‘I’m not going to stay’ – Pedro Gonçalves; ‘Por Um Triz’ – Carolina Deslandes; Dancing In The Stars – NEEV; ‘Joana do Mar’ – Joana Alegre; and Volte-Face ’- EU.CLIDES.


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