Ana Catarina Mendes PS health "progressive and future" and claims that the "defeated is the right" – The Economic Journal

The deputy secretary general of the Socialist Party (PS), Ana Catarina Mendes, welcomed the victory of the Socialists and demanded the defeat of the right, namely the PSD and CDS-PP, in what was the first reaction of the PS to the first projections after closure of the polls, this Sunday.

"It is a clear victory for the PS and a clear defeat of the right. The loser is the right and what is important in these projections is the distance to the right and the final result, which is a clear victory of the PS in these elections, "said Ana Catarina Mendes, from the PS headquarters in Lisbon

In her speech, the deputy secretary general of the PS stressed that the victory of the PS is the result of a "six-month campaign" that will confirm the party as a "progressive force and future." "[O PS] will be a political force heard to improve and deepen the European project, "he added.

After confirming the first projections, Ana Catarina Mendes also welcomed what she considered to be "a reinforcement" in the parties that support the Government. "In all the parties that support the government there is a clear [segundo as primeiras projeções], said.

For the responsible socialist politician, the first numbers reveal a vote of "confidence, stability and seriousness" in the work of the socialists. "It is a clear victory that satisfies us."

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