Ana Paula Vitorino guarantees that the next meeting of the Port of Setúbal "is to close an agreement" – The Jornal Econômico

Ana Paula Vitorino guarantees that the next meeting of the Port of Setúbal "is to close an agreement" - The Jornal Econômico

Ana Paula Vitorino, Minister of the Sea, in an interview with Antena1 / Jornal de Negócios assured, regarding the situation of Porto Setúbal, that the next meeting is to close an agreement and that the Port Work Law will be changed.

The minister revealed that the next official meeting "is to close an agreement". An agreement that must foresee a reversal of the ratio of eventual employees. That is, "two-thirds of employees and one-third of casual workers"

The minister also said that it will change the Port Labor Law and make it more demanding regarding the inspection of port work companies. Despite knowing that the parliamentary groups have different views on the subject, Ana Paula Vitorino intends to move forward with this change.

The Port of Setúbal has been the scene of general contestation and a strike of the stevedores.

If he agrees, he admits that it is still possible to "recover something". "Still, there are lines that have left their parents and may not return," he acknowledged.

As for alternatives, Ana Paula Vitorino guarantees that "if Autoeuropa wants to use Sines to dispatch their cars, in a week the port will be operational, without coal dust and with an adequate pavement."

Strikes and more strikes

Ana Paula Vitorino believes that the challenge in several sectors of society – less than a year from the elections – is normal for a last year of the legislature "because it is considered that it is possible to exert more pressure on those in government." He further admits that it results from a set expectation that one can go further because the government has initiated a process of return of income.

On the fishing quota, the minister revealed that the quotas cod, horse mackerel, Norway lobster, anchovy, anglerfish should increase.

"The share of cod, horse mackerel, Norway lobster, anchovy and monkfish is expected to increase next year. This is the expectation of the Government, "he said.

In an interview with Antena1 and Jornal de Negócios, the minister of the sea said that she hopes to achieve a 10 to 15% increase in the fishing quota at the next meeting of the European Fisheries Council on 17 and 18 December.

The sardine, whose fishing ban remains until May 15, 2019, will not be under discussion in this council and the minister awaits ongoing scientific studies to formulate a forecast.

Another novelty presented by Ana Paula Vitorino is the "Campus do Mar" that will be presented in January. Portugal will have 2 poles, one in Oeiras and another in Matosinhos. The investments will be presented in January with the participation of private capital.

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