Anadia hosts district scout camp

Assinatura do protocolo que possibilita a realização do ACAREG em Avelãs de Cima

Signing of the protocol that makes possible the accomplishment of ACAREG in Avelãs de Cima

The 19th Regional Aveiro Camp (ACAREG) for scouts will be held in Porto da Vide (parish of Avelãs de Cima), between July 26 and August 2 of this year.

The municipality of Anadia celebrated on May 2 a protocol of cooperation with the Parish of Avelãs de Cima and the Regional Board of Aveiro of the National Listening Body, chaired by Aguedense José Carlos Santos, which will allow the realization of ACAREG .
The escutista activity will take place in the locality of Porto da Vide, in the parish of Avelãs de Cima, attracting to the county about 2500 scouts, aged between 6 and 22 years of age, of all the region of Aveiro.
According to the protocol signed, the Municipality of Anadia and the Parish of Avelãs de Cima undertake to create all the necessary conditions, in terms of logistics, for the accomplishment of the XIX of ACAREG.
The camp aims to promote a fun and exciting experience for children, adolescents and young people, while seeking to promote a quality educational experience, faithfully following the objectives, principles and method of scouting and being consistent with the needs and aspirations of young people in today's world .
ACAREG thus represents the possibility of scouts "experiencing in their sections the values ​​and principles intrinsic to the Catholic scout movement and still perceive the sense of body of an entire region."

Picture above: Signing of the protocol that allows the realization of the regional scout camp in Avelãs de Cima

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