Anadia: Markets reopen in early May

Câmara Municipal de Anadia

Anadia Town Hall

Only the sale of food products will be allowed but the markets of Anadia, Sangalhos and Vilarinho do Bairro will reopen at the weekend

The markets of Anadia and Sangalhos reopen on Saturday, May 2, and Vilarinho do Bairro on Sunday, the 3rd. ”, Says the Municipality of Anadia.
"Both salespeople and the general public will have to wear a mask and comply with the social distance of two meters" – indicates the municipality. "On the other hand, hand hygiene will be mandatory, at the entrance and exit, with alcohol gel that will be available at each of these moments". As for customer service, “it will be mandatory to create a single line at each point of sale with a distance of two meters”.
Also according to the Municipality of Anadia, “these rules will be in force at least for the period corresponding to that recommended by the General Health Directorate”.
Compliance with the rules imposed for the regular functioning of the markets "will be supervised, either by the Security Forces, or by the Municipality or Parish Councils".


The cemeteries of the municipality of Anadia will open from the next May 4, keeping the previously practiced schedules.
People will then be able to visit and decorate the graves of their loved ones, however, it is advisable to observe some preventive and safety measures, namely social distance and the use of a mask.
However, funerals will maintain the same safety rules, with a limit of 10 people, in addition to those responsible for the execution of funeral funerals, in order to prevent a possible spread of the pandemic outbreak.
These measures will be in force, at least, for the period corresponding to the validity of the order decreed by the Government.

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