Analysis of the defeat of Benfica: The curse of Amsterdam and the 92 minutes

Analysis of the defeat of Benfica: The curse of Amsterdam and the 92 minutes

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A shot from Mazraoui, who deflected in Grimaldo and betrayed Vlachodimos at 90 + 2 minutes, cost Benfica a 1-0 reverse at Ajax, leaving the qualifying scores for the UEFA Champions League's toughest 'eighth'. the incarnated.

When the positive draw seemed assured, a happy shot from the right-back kept the Dutch ahead of Group E with the same seven points as Bayern Munich and four more than the 'incarnates'.

The Dutch had more and better opportunities, but Benfica returned to have a 'super' Vlachodimos – who made 'huge' defenses at 22 and 74 minutes and was only beaten by a by-catch – and by customizing and balancing the game in many moments, also had several occasions to score, lacking effectiveness.

Initial eleven

In relation to the match on Matchday 2, a 3-2 victory at AEK Athens on Oct. 2, Rui Vitória made only one change, the entry of Jardel, who had injured in Chaves on Sept. 27, place of the punished Reuben Dias.

Fejsa was in doubt for this challenge, but the Serbian midfielder started off from the start. Between Gedson and Gabriel, coach Rui Vitoria opted for the young Portuguese, who started with Pizzi and Gedson.

Less possession of bole, but Benfica had the best opportunities

The game began 'frenetic' and thanks to two recoveries of Rafa's ball, Benfica created the first occasions: in two minutes, the luso international fired to defend Onana and, at five, isolated Salvio, who, instead of finishing , delayed to Seferovic to top, with De Ligt to save near the line.

More time with the ball, Ajax only freaked out in the 22nd minute, but with a huge opportunity when, after losing Fejsa's ball, Ziyech isolated Dolberg, who, in Vlachodimos' face, saw the goalkeeper 'incarnate' defend with the left foot.

After half-hour, Benfica came back offensively with danger, with Rafa's shots in the 33rd minute, Seferovic at 34 and Salvio at 36, and in the middle at 35, De Beek forced the number 99 'incarnate' to apply.

By the break, the balance remained, but Ajax had the best chance so far, with De Ligt reaching the line on the right, and touching Dolberg's shot, for Conti to avoid over the line.

Ajax better in the second half and a goal in 92 minutes

In the second half, the Dutch entered more dominators and finishers, with De Beek and Ziyech failing the target, but with Benfica responding in a move to the left of Seferovic, where Salvio falls in the area with Tagliafico, and in a 'shot' of the Swiss.

Schöne and Ziyech tried again, but the goalkeeper from Benfica held in for 74 minutes to make another remarkable defense with his right hand in response to the shot from Beek, alone in his 'face', isolated by Ziyech .

In the final, the two teams appeared to be level with the equalizer, but at 90 + 2 minutes – shortly after Cervi fell in the opposite area – Conti had the only slip in the match, Neres centered on the left and André Almeida relieved , but for Mazraoui, who saw his shot deflect in Grimaldo and beat Vlachodimos.

As in his last visit to Amsterdam in 2013, then to face Chelsea in the Europa League final, Benfica have dropped almost in the last game, in discounts, and now have the second UEFA competition as the most likely destination.

Figure of the game: Odysseas Vlachodimos

A very positive result for Benfica's goalkeeper, Greek Vlachodimos, who saved the two-goal team in the 74th and 76th rounds, failing to clear the scoring because it was betrayed by the ball.

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