Analysis V. Setúbal – Benfica: Jonas above all

Analysis V. Setúbal - Benfica: Jonas above all

Many fouls, anti-gambling, stops and controversial throws. V. Setúbal – Benfica was not guided by moments of well-played football within the four lines. It was short incarnate display, but there was one player who stood out from the others on the pitch of Bonfim: Jonas.

The final stretch of Rui Vitoria's team was very sweet, with the help of inspired Odisseas Vlachodimos to keep the goal intact and secure three precious points. In the moment of suffocation, it was the goalkeeper of Benfica to avoid to punch one of the most dangerous bids of the match, after heading of Jhonder Cádiz, to the 90'.

During most of the time it was the incarnates who called themselves game control, through a strong circulation and good ability to retain the ball. With space to play in the first minutes, and before the sadistic passivity, the eagles – after having disposed of a free direct to the entrance of the area (11 '), – arrived at the goal through Jonas, in a finalization of class of the Brazilian, in a bid made by Grimaldo and Gedson.

'Tenrinha' the sadistic defense allowed Benfica to be close to the 2-0, after half an hour. Zivkovic, with space, fired with the ball to hit with a bang on the iron. It was from this period that the sadistic ensemble managed to let go of the pressure imposed by the incarnates and created danger through one of its great weapons: The counterattack.

In the second half, Benfica at 58 'and 68', had occasion to anticipate the epilogue of the meeting. In the first set, Rafael was cold in a hat with no nexus. 10 minutes later, it was Cristiano denying the goal to the forward of Benfica.

With the slightest advantage on the scoreboard, the Spaniards, with a style impetuous to the image of their coach Lito Vidigal, managed to touch the opponent 'to the ropes', who was unable to stop the offensive flow of the sadinos. Benfica have survived the last round of the set in Setubal and hold three points in a field that promises to give a lot of work to visitors this season.


On top of the final whistle, Vlachodimos takes 'the bread of the mouth' to Cadiz when denying the goal to the player of Victory. It would be the tie.


Jonas "He was the man who distinguished himself from the common mortals in Setubal, rising above banality and a sea of ​​false and inaesthetic thrusts. He dropped many times on the ground to go pick up game, serving his teammates accurately. He always had a good head and almost always made the best decisions. He scored the only goal of Benfica and still offered the second to Rafa, but the Benfica player wasted.



He had the rope all over Benfica. He took part in the Jonas goal and had the opportunity to make the 'taste on foot' in a powerful shot at minute 23 ', which passed slightly to the side. It burned the left side and was a puzzle for the Victorian defense.


Intelligent with the ball in the feet, the average young man was important in transporting play between the defense and the attack. Served for Jonas's goal.


It turned out to be decisive in the end when he stopped Mendy (84 ') and Jhonder (90') headed.

Jhonder Cadiz

The Venezuelan player of Vitória was an arrow pointing to the Benfica goal. He tried to lead the team forward and had the tie on his head over the final whistle.



A game with too many fouls and stops, – in the interval they were 23 -, should be the subject of deep reflection on the part of the Portuguese football players.


Rui Vitoria: "It was not easy for players to stay in control"

Lito Vidigal: "If we were to do it was anti-play … like Benfica, it's strategy"

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