André Ventura admits to leave Chega's direction if not elected – Jornal Económico

“Being able to form a parliamentary group is our main goal to give voice to these causes that have been lost,” says André Ventura, in an interview with Lusa, stressing, however, that he does not rule out “a scenario of electing only one deputy” to the Assembly of the Republic in the October 6 elections.

The election of at least two deputies – a number needed to form a parliamentary group – is the desirable outcome because "one deputy just doesn't have so much force" on the flags the party stands for, he says.

“Once we have elected a parliamentary group, with the flags we have, Chega's growth will never stop,” he anticipates.

However, André Ventura explains that it is necessary to "draw consequences from the election results".

“Either Chega makes a major breakthrough on October 6, or has a very significant setback and a very significant defeat,” a denouement that may dictate “the departure of the direction” of the current leader.

"If I cannot elect, I will reconsider my place in the direction of Chega," he says, underlining it is the party president who has "to assume this responsibility [pelo mau resultado]"

Asked about the possibility of a coalition on the right, the party leader says that Chega does not close “the door to any scenario as long as an agreement is signed” in principle.

"If the PSD and the CDS-PP are willing to reintroduce life imprisonment in Portugal, end the suspended sentences for sexual crimes and end this fiscal asphyxiation, we can think of such a scenario," he explained, reaffirming that the party will not accept “Participate in any government where these three issues are not signed”.

André Ventura considers that “the right-wing leaders” have not been able to “give the message of a credible alternative” to the socialist government during the last four years.

The purpose of Chega is, therefore, to show voters that there is a "right" alternative besides PSD and CDS-PP.

“I think that who is truly right-wing, center-right, it is impossible to vote for this PSD, which is not noticeable the difference for the PS. It is clearly impossible. I think Rui Rio had the dream of being leader of the Socialist Party, as he could not, followed the path in the PSD, ”he says.

Asked about Asunción Cristas' statements about the possibility of converging on a "right-hand contraption", which would only exclude the Chega, André Ventura replies that the centrist leader is "an absolute disaster."

For Chega's president, Asuncion Cristas “is more concerned with Chega” than with the other parties: “We should be focused on attacking the PS, attacking the Left Block, attacking the PCP, instead of exchanging attacks between us ”.

In Ventura's view, if "the PSD does not pass the 20%", the remaining votes of the right-wing supporters will "be distributed by Chega, CDS-PP and probably the Alliance."

Chega will run for parliamentary elections to “try to give hope to those who feel they are right-wingers, who have“ rightist, Christian and democratic ”values, to show that they are not resigned to“ this 'soft' right ”and to, “Above all, prevent the left and far left from governing again” over the next four years.

"When the right weakens, all of it, all parties, is the country that will lose," he said.

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