André Ventura wants GNR convicted of killing minor in European Parliament – The Economic Journal

André Ventura wants GNR convicted of killing minor in European Parliament - The Economic Journal

Chega leader André Ventura invited Hugo Ernano, the GNR military man who was convicted of killing a 13-year-old during a police operation, to be number five on the list for the European Parliament to be presented this Monday in Lisbon, with the TV commentator and former PSD candidate to the Câmara de Loures as head of the list.

Economic Newspaper Hugo Ernano, who saw a nine-year prison term reduced to four years' suspended sentence after appeal, is still considering the invitation, for which he would need a special license under the GNR. If accepted, it will be behind Ventura and the other leaders of the parties and movements that are part of the Chega coalition: Gonçalo da Câmara Pereira (Popular Monarchist Party), Sofia Afonso Ferreira (Democracia XXI) and Manuel Matias (PPV – Citizenship and Christian Democracy Party ).

Hugo Ernano became known as a consequence of what happened on August 11, 2008, when the military man from the GNR station in Santo Antão do Tojal (Loures) was shot several times to try to stop a van that tried to escape the authorities after a robbery and ended up by mortally killing a minor who followed the driver's side of the vehicle.

Always claiming that he fired the shots to try to pierce the truck's tires and explaining the deadly shot with a bump, Ernano began by being suspended for eight months and then tried by the Loures Court, which sentenced him to nine years in prison for murder but in 2014 the Lisbon Relocation decided to blame him for a simple homicide crime, reducing the sentence to four years of suspended sentence. He also had to pay damages of 44 thousand euros to the mother of the minor and of 11 thousand to the father, both of ethnic Gypsy.

A Facebook page called Vamos Apoiar Hugo Ernano has 140,000 followers and keeps news about the case, namely the intention of the military of the GNR to appeal to the Supreme Court.

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