André Ventura will try to register again with the name "Europe Enough" – The Economic Newspaper

André Ventura will try to register again with the name "Europe Enough" - The Economic Newspaper

The coalition for Europe led by André Ventura, which the Constitutional Court (CT) did not accept because of the name chosen (Chega), will be renamed Europa Enough and try to re-register, today Lusa himself.

"A new request for a coalition, now with the designation 'Europe Enough', came in the morning," said André Ventura.

Despite the exchange of names, the coalition maintains the constitution – Partido Popular Monárquico (PPM), Partido Cidadania e Democracia Cristã (PPV / CDC) and Movimiento Chega e Democracia 21.

At the beginning of last week, the members of this alliance (formerly known as the Coalition) had been notified by the TC to proceed with "the replacement of the name indicated by another, not confused with that of other parties, already constituted or whose constitution was requested and pending judgment in this court, in which case they may also request the extension of the period indicated "above" in order to comply with other legal requirements. "

As the leaders of the parties and the constituent movements decided not to change its name, the TC decided to "refuse to note the coalition between the Popular Monarchist Party (PPM) and the Christian Democracy and Citizenship Party (PPV / CDC) Enough ', set up for the purpose of running for the election of Members of the European Parliament, scheduled for 26 May 2019. "

The fact that the coalition has the name of the movement founded by Ventura, which still awaits formalization as a political party.

In the grounds of the judgment, the Ratton Palace judges stated, however, that the decision would not invalidate the "possibility of renewal of the request for annotation of the coalition, provided that it has a name different from the one that determined the refusal to record it."

For this reason, the coalition is now trying to be re-registered under the name Europa Chega.

"The court justifies the decision to go ahead with the conflict of designations and the confusion it can create with the Chega party, in the process of formalization," said André Ventura.

According to the former mayor, with the new designation, the coalition "no longer runs that risk and fits in perfectly with what has already happened with the designation of other parties," leaving no reason for refusal by the Constitutional Court.

As examples, Ventura indicates "the Alliance party (already had existed the Democratic Alliance) and the transformation of the CDS into Popular Party (already there was the Popular Party Monarchical)".

"So with 'Europe Enough' we hope that this issue will be settled once and for all," he said.

If the TC accepts this new name, and the coalition votes in the European elections on May 26, André Ventura will be the head of the list.

The founder of Chega had admitted to Lusa that he would not be able to lead the candidacy, if the identity of the movement was "not present" in the coalition, but with the new name, the former councilor considers that this is an outdated question.

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