"Angry Birds 2 – The Movie": A Fun, Rocky, Sensitive, Idiotic Sequel

"Angry Birds 2 - The Movie": A Fun, Rocky, Sensitive, Idiotic Sequel

Ten years after the release of the first game, we get the second iteration in the movie: "Angry Birds 2 – The Movie". In the Portuguese version with Vasco Palmeirim, Joaquim de Almeida, Rita Blanco, Eduardo Madeira and Manuel Marques, the new Sony Pictures Animation animation brings the inhabitants of the two formerly enemy islands to unite against a common adversary: ​​Zeta, leader of an arctic, icy island that launches lava-filled ice spheres. Curious? She has a scientific explanation for this.

Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the Super Eagle recruit Chuck's sister Silver, and team up with Leonard, his assistant Leonor, and computer scientist Garry to enter Zeta's hideout and sabotage his Machiavellian plan. Fans of James Bond and Mission Impossible will have an easter-egg treat in these sequels.

Humor swings across the various age groups, but the effort lies in captivating the adult market: a trip to a urinal is uncomfortably funny; the musical references, though cliché, are well punctuated, with emphasis on Eye of the Tiger, Turn Down to What, Hello and Final Countdown … and David Bowie's Space Odity. Some moments are black, somewhat surreal and rocky, as if they were part of "Looney Tunes".

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