“Animal Flow” Workshop in Loulé – diariOnline Southern Region Newspaper

“Animal Flow” Workshop in Loulé - diariOnline Southern Region Newspaper

On November 23rd and 24th, from 13h00 to 19h00, Loulé receives the Level 1 workshop of Animal Flow® (Instructor Certification), one of the modalities in vogue in the fitness world.

This is an innovative method and program of mobility and fitness inspired by martial arts, yoga, dance and capoeira movements, which combines a wide range of primary, animal-like exercises and primary movements, grouped into six components, each designed to develop and achieve specific results. The process is fun above all, challenging the relationship with the body in a multidisciplinary way, allowing for a more conscious and fluid movement. The exercises are adapted to the student level, there is no age limit or a certain physical condition to practice.

Developing mobility, promoting neuroplasticity, unlocking neuromuscular communication and awareness and amplifying strength, flexibility and stability are the main benefits of Animal Flow®.

Level 1 is the two-day introductory course for fitness professionals (or physiotherapists) looking to become Certified Trainers, or for fitness enthusiasts who want to take their flow to the next level.

This course will cover all 6 elements of Animal Flow®, including forms of displacement (the "ABCs" of animal movements), changes and transitions, pulse mobilizations, activations, specific forms of stretching and, of course, flows. "

This is an IPDJ-accredited training with 2.4 credits for renewing the titles of exercise coaches and technical directors.

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