Annual Meeting of SMEs in the telecommunications sector takes place in Lisbon – Expert

Annual Meeting of SMEs in the telecommunications sector takes place in Lisbon - Expert

Under the theme "high speed networks and low latency", the meeting will be held at Sana Malhoa Hotel and will address various technological issues.

ACIST will hold tomorrow, November 13, the XXII Annual Meeting of SMEs in the telecommunications sector. It will focus on high-speed and low-latency networks, but other associated issues will be discussed and debated, such as its contribution to artificial intelligence and advanced computing. Other topics are the state of the art of the ICT sector and its contribution to the challenges of modernization, economic growth and technology-based entrepreneurship.

The meeting, held in Lisbon at Sana Malhoa Hotel, will also have other approaches, such as technical, normative and legal issues, as well as business opportunities and professional qualification requirements. According to the work plan, the debate will focus on the challenge and change of business paradigm before the so-called digital revolution 4.0, including IoT devices, artificial intelligence and associated challenges. There will be no shortage of topics about the imminent fifth generation mobile and associated business opportunities.

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In the debates will be present the main market players, manufacturers, operators, academics and regulators, among other speakers of knowledge and prestige in their respective areas.

The event, which has more than 150 companies and associated entrepreneurs from ACIST, will also have a space reserved for exhibition and networking opportunities. The ITED 3.0 and ITUR 2.0 apps will also be presented.

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