Anselmo Ralph, David Carreira and DJ Ride perform at the Festival of Tides – Showbiz

Anselmo Ralph, David Carreira and DJ Ride perform at the Festival of Tides - Showbiz

The fourth edition of the festival, organized by the Brazilian band Philharmonic Foundation, opens, as usual, with the performance of the band with a guest artist, who this year is André Sardet, but before there is room for concerts by Carina Lima and Sérgio Viveiros, on the Acoustic Stage, and for Fernando Rocha's stand-up comedy show.

The night ends with the performances of the Azorean band Taponas Assassinas and Solsky.

On Friday, Vânia Dillac & Soulmates, Anselmo Ralph, DJ Ride and Play take the stage, and there is also the performance of Dixie FB on the secondary stage.

The Code, David Carreira, Piruka and Mastiksoul concerts end the event on a day when Luís H. Bettencourt and André Jorge take over the Acoustic Stage.

To Lusa, the president of the Brazilian Foundation, Lázaro Matos, explained that he expects to see this year “a growth, as it has been since the first edition”.

Musician of the Philharmonic for 31 years, he assumed the position of president of the institution for almost six years, and admits that “one of the great goals of the festival, besides promoting the local economy, and the parish of the Mosteiros”, is “to show that Philharmonics can do more than street services and lead people to believe that philharmonics can also do very capable and enormous things. ”

The band, with 45 musicians, has performed in previous editions of the Tide Festival with Rita Guerra, Simone Oliveira and FF and with Raquel Tavares.

In addition to the festival, the Philharmonic has always sought to perform with large artists, with concerts at the Teatro and Coliseu Micaelense, with artists such as Bastien Baumet, Jorge Almeida, Luis Alberto Bettencourt, Vânia Dillac, San Jose Choir, among others.

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