António Costa criticizes PSD “existential doubts” in public investments – Jornal Económico

The PS secretary general on Monday criticized the PSD for what he called "existential doubts" about public investment in infrastructure, such as the new Lisbon airport or a high-speed rail link.

At a luncheon debate in Lisbon hosted by the Portuguese Confederation of Tourism, António Costa defended the need for broad consensus on these matters and welcomed the three-quarters approval of the public investment program approved by the Assembly of the Republic. Members.

"I am very concerned that the main opposition party, which voted in favor of this program, now has existential doubts about the high-speed connection and the new Montijo airport," he said.

António Costa's criticism comes after the PSD entered a high-speed rail link in the electoral program, which had not been proposed in the negotiations for that investment program. This was when the prime minister had said in early summer that the TGV was still a “toxic” issue in the country and that there was still no way to move forward with such a project.

As for the airport, Rui Rio's team's election program says the PSD can re-examine the feasibility of building an airport in Alcochete, when the government has already taken the option of moving to a complementary airport in Montijo.

António Costa criticized this PSD proposal: “This is the time to make decisions and act. Debating again whether this solution is better would be a threat to the country's development, ”he said.

The secretary general of the PS assured that "today there is no plan B" about the airport in Montijo. “Any day the new Lisbon airport will be a case study how not to make investment decisions ”, as“ for decades ”solutions and decisions that were later questioned were discussed.

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