António Costa exalts with old man during Lisbon street crash – Jornal Económico

PS Prime Minister and Secretary-General António Costa starred in an episode of extreme tension on Friday afternoon during a roadblock in Lisbon when an elderly man accused him of having been on vacation during the fires that killed 67 people in Pedrógão Grande, in 2017. “I was not, it is a lie, it is a lie!” shouted the prime minister, exalted to the point of turning back to address the interlocutor, continuing the campaign action thanks to the prompt intervention of his security guards, who wouldn't let him get close to the old man.

Everything happened when António Costa walked the arcades of Terreiro do Paço, accompanied by the mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, and the leader of the Socialist Youth, Maria Begonha.

The moment was captured by CMTV cameras and shared by Saturday magazine. Watch the video here of the time the prime minister exalted himself with an elderly man during a rundown.

Moments later, the prime minister was questioned by TVI about what happened. Speaking to the journalist, António Costa blamed and accused the right of using the man present as a "top" of propaganda against him. "It is a lie that the right has been casting in this regard," he said. “He never does it with his face, and now he has a gentleman face. It is unfortunate that the campaign has come down to this level. ”

António Costa responds: “It was an attack on my honor, I admit no attacks on my honor”

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