António Costa meets today with the social partners – O Jornal Económico

António Costa will initially receive the joint employers' confederations (CIP, CAP, CCP and CTP), then meet with a CGTP delegation and then with UGT.

On Tuesday, the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, nominated António Costa as prime minister, after hearing the ten parties with parliamentary representation about the formation of the new government.

“I will meet on Thursday with all the social partners with a view to hearing their views on the next legislature,” said Antonio Costa at the end of the meeting with the head of state.

António Costa told reporters at the time that he hoped that "the necessary conditions will be met, not only for the Government to be able to form, to present itself to the Assembly of the Republic and to begin its functions, but also to govern with stability within the legislature."

On Monday, the day after the legislative elections that gave the Socialist Party victory, the CGTP considered that it was “no accident” that the PS had no absolute majority on Sunday and that this was due to insistence on a “labor policy that follows the right. ”

Speaking to journalists at the end of the CGTP-IN Executive Committee meeting in Lisbon, Secretary-General Arménio Carlos considered that the Portuguese vote determined the existence of a “correlation of forces in the Assembly of the Republic which, regardless of some changes, it still allows progress in the concrete response to workers' problems ”.

UGT Secretary-General Carlos Silva, on Monday, congratulated António Costa and the PS on the victory in the legislatures and called for better salaries, arguing that it is necessary to stimulate the economy through consumption and without obsession with public accounts.

“It is important to stimulate the economy, and it is important to stimulate the economy also through consumption. Workers need better incomes […]. I never tire of saying, on behalf of UGT, [que é preciso] better salaries, ”said Carlos Silva, in a message posted on Youtube.

The PS won Sunday's legislatures without an absolute majority, followed by PSD, BE, CDU (PCP / PEV), CDS-PP and PAN.

Enough, Liberal and Free Initiative each elected for the first time a deputy in these elections.

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