António Costa reiterates that he knows nothing about the Tancos case – Jornal Económico

PS Secretary-General António Costa recalled this Sunday that "for many months he said he knew nothing" about the Tancos case, responding to the Social Democratic leader, Rui Rio, who accused him of making "an insinuation that is absolutely unfortunate. ”

"For many months he said he knew nothing about this case and in particular how the weapons were recovered," the socialist leader said in an interview with RTP, adding that he had said "in writing in the replies" which he gave to the parliamentary committee of inquiry.

António Costa added that "the commission, by the way, had an unequivocal conclusion regarding" the ignorance "at all of this process".

"Until today the Court has never asked me any questions, if there were any doubt surely they would have asked me any question," he explained, thus responding to criticisms of Rui Rio, who on Thursday said he found it "unreliable" that Costa knew nothing about the case. .

“Rui Rio simply makes an insinuation that is absolutely unfortunate, I must say surprising, a person who thought he would be firm in his principles and who one day says he is going from being the greatest public enemy of the prosecution to suddenly being the most suspicious about what is the proper competence of the courts to judge ”, he considered, underlining that“ when the heat of the election campaign passes ”and Rui Rio“ falls into himself, he himself will conclude that, over the course of this week, he has not acted up to what we got used to it ”.

Considering “unfortunate” that during the Rui Rio campaign “he wants to politicize a case that is handed over to Justice” and not stating that he does not “admit to anyone who questions” his word, the socialist secretary-general considered that Rio “is not used to because he has only gone to secured elections. ”

"I realize that you can be nervous when campaigns are not going well, but what defines a politician is the ability to keep a cool head and nerves of steel in the most difficult times," he said.

Asked also about whether confidence remains in former National Defense Minister Azeredo Lopes – one of 23 prosecutors charged in the Tancos case – the socialist said that “there is an accusation that questions what he [Azeredo Lopes] he said, it is time for him to exercise his right of defense ”and“ then the investigating judge first, the court, if any, will consider that matter ”.

Costa also stressed that he does not live “in this world of conspiracy theories”, where Rio “sees conspiracy in the polls, sees conspiracy in the prosecution, sees conspiracy in the courts”.

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