António Costa says neither BE nor CFP committed to governance solution – Jornal Económico

PS Secretary-General António Costa said on Sunday that BE and PCP had not committed to "ensuring conditions of governance" over the next four years and that the repetition of the political solution of this legislature would depend on "a strong PS".

"I have noted that none of them has committed to ensuring conditions of governance over the next four years," said the socialist leader, in an interview with RTP, when asked if the solution of a PS government backed by a left-wing parliamentary majority is repeatable in next legislature.

Communist Secretary-General Jerónimo de Sousa “said that current political conditions were completely different from those of four years ago, I don't know what that means, but surely [de outubro] by night or day 07 we can start to know, ”Costa continued, adding that the BE national coordinator said“ more diverse things ”.

"When I see Catarina Martins saying that the history of this legislature was a struggle between the left and the PS, I really have difficulty" in understanding if it is available for a new understanding, explained the socialist.

Costa said he was "the first to say that" the nickname "gadget" worked and that "will work, if any" in the next legislature if there is "a strong PS".

The prime minister also said that "people have to be aware" that that political understanding "resulted from various wills, but also from various balances" and who "assured these balances was surely" the Socialist Party.

Asked about Mario Centeno's statements, in which the Socialist Finance Minister stated that it was easier to achieve the goals with an absolute majority of the PS, Costa replied that his Finance Minister's statements are "not new to anyone."

“Clearly, with an absolute majority, it is obviously easier to ensure stability [política] for four years, ”he explained, adding that the absolute majority also makes it“ easier to execute the government program, ”but“ if there is no majority ”it is necessary to“ work with the conditions ”that one has.

Asked why he does not ask for an absolute majority, when most polls indicate that he could reach it, the socialist leader said he had learned "the lesson."

“I had two absolute majorities in the Lisbon City Council without asking them. In 2015 I asked and I didn't have it. Therefore, the best thing to happen is to accept with all humility that it is the Portuguese who decide, ”he explained, adding, however, that he seeks“ the best result for the PS ”.

However, Costa assumes that the election outcome is entirely in the hands of the voters.

“It is not the politicians who define the conditions of their governance, it is the citizens who define it and within a week when the Portuguese went to the polls, what they will see in the ballot paper is not yes or no to an absolute majority. What you will see on the ballot paper is the emblem, the symbol and the acronym of each party and what we say is simple, who wants a new PS government, must vote for the PS and desirably must be in a position that will suit us. ensure stability for four years, as there was during these four years political stability, ”he said.

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