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Antonio Costa wants to meet on Wednesday with the leftist parties elected to Parliament, the Observer says. The PS leader wants to meet with the leaders of the Left Bloc, PCP / PEV, Livre, but also with the PAN, at their respective headquarters.

The PS negotiating committee is composed of António Costa, Carlos Cesar, Ana Catarina Mendes and Duarte Cordeiro, says the Observer. For the Left Block, the team consists of Catarina Martins, Pedro Filipe Soares, Mariana Mortágua and Jorge Costa.

The President of the Republic will receive today the parties that have obtained parliamentary representation. The auditions in Belém are scheduled to start at 11.30 hours and should end around 20h00.

In his victory speech on Sunday night, António Costa pointed out that the PS "strengthened its political position in Portugal" and that the "Portuguese liked the contraption and wanted the continuation of the current political solution".

Both the PCP and the Left Block have already stated that they are willing to negotiate with António Costa for a 2.0 contraption, and have already submitted their specifications.

The PCP defended several points such as raising the minimum wage to 850 euros, raising pensions, free day care for all children under three, building public housing and investing in the National Health Service.

In turn, the Left Block defended the replacement of cuts made during the Troika's time and which are still in the labor legislation, with the replacement of vacation days and compensation for dismissal.

The Block also advocated more public investment to “save the national health service” as well as further recovery of wages, pensions and rights.

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