Antonio Costa welcomes CFP optimism but maintains government forecasts – Jornal Económico

Prime Minister António Costa today welcomed the optimism of the Public Finance Council (CFP) and the governor of Banco de Portugal, but assured that the Government maintains the stability plan forecasts.

"Well, I knew there had to be a day when the Public Finance Council would be more optimistic than the Government," the prime minister told reporters after a meeting in Lisbon with European Council President Charles Michel.

António Costa answered a question about CFP's forecasts – which point out that this year Portugal will no longer have a deficit to reach a budget surplus of 0.1% and a 1.9% growth in Gross Domestic Product ( GDP).

“Hopefully [esse] optimism […] can be confirmed. For now, we stick to our predictions, which, as always, are conservative, […] reach a deficit of 0.2 and the growth targets we had set in the stability plan, ”he said.

The prime minister was also asked about the process of government formation following Sunday's elections and contacts he has held over the past few days. He said he thought he would be able to start a position as executive for four years.

“My assessment of my contacts […] is that the Government has all the conditions to start functions, present its program in the Assembly of the Republic and be able to govern with a horizon of stability throughout the legislature, ”he said.

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