“António Costa will probably have worse conditions to govern” – Jornal Económico

Former Social Democratic Party (PSD) president Luís Marques Mendes believes that António Costa is likely to have worse conditions to govern than in the last four years because of political and economic conditions.

“The surrounding environment will be more uncertain and more unstable (…). It will govern in a context of economic slowdown. It's not recession, but there's less money to hand out. And less money to distribute is what? More instability and less popularity. It will probably also have a picture of greater social unrest ”, argued this Sunday the political commentator of SIC.

Even with more votes and more deputies elected, the lawyer predicts worse conditions for a government led by António Costa because, in this legislature, will have two oppositions: one on the right and one on the left. "The Communist Party will want to compensate in the streets for what it lost at the polls," said Luís Marques Mendes, in his usual comment at Paço d'Arcos station.

Even so, Luís Marques Mendes believes that António Costa will fulfill his four years in office. “To be overthrown in parliament is very difficult because it involves joining the left and the right. And the left joining the right to overthrow a left-wing government is very complicated, and can be very penalized, ”he explained, also anticipating a reshuffle in the government that could, for example, be promoted by Ana Mendes Godinho and Cláudia Joaquim. Ministers.

For the former minister, the PSD and the CDS-PP also do not “have an easy life” because of their internal crises and “the eternity” that is the four years in opposition. "They need time to resolve internal crises and are likely to be blackmailed in parliament in the name of stability and national interest," he said.

The PS won the legislative elections last Sunday with 36.65% of the votes and 106 deputies elected. After being appointed Prime Minister by the President of the Republic, António Costa said he hopes that there will be availability so that, with partisan dialogue, the legislature can run to its normal end. The socialist leader says that this will is important both for Portugal's economic growth and for the country's international credibility.

“I believe that the will of all Portuguese is very important for the development of the country, for confidence in investment, generating wealth and employment, which will allow the country to continue to grow economically. It is also important for Portugal's international credibility that we can have a government with the horizon of the legislature, ”he told reporters at the Belem Palace earlier this week.

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