António José Seguro refuses to comment if PS victory "is less than little bit" – The Economic Journal

António Galamba, former right-hand man of the former secretary general of the PS, unearthed the ghost of the "little bit" in the aftermath of the European elections by saying that "now, the little bit has returned" in the face of the result achieved by the Socialists of 33.39% which is lower than the one registered in the 2014 elections, which is only 5.26 percentage points higher than the PSD and CDS votes, which had been in a coalition for five years. António José Seguro refuses to comment on the results and shares the opinion of his former Socialist leader.

"I do not make any statements about politics," said the former secretary general of the PS when asked if he shared the opinion of the former member of the party's Political Commission, António Galamba, who on Monday, May 27, wrote a opinion piece published in the JN entitled "Now, the little bit came back".

The former leader, who Costa removed from the list of deputies, also pointed out in the opinion piece that the PS obtained in these European elections a margin "only slightly greater than the advantage" achieved five years ago by former Secretary-General António José Seguro. A victory dubbed in 2014 by António Costa as "pocochinha". Yesterday, the prime minister considered the vote reached by the PS as "expressive, clear and unequivocal."

Five years ago the PS of António José Seguro, won the European elections with 31.4%. Three days later, Costa announced his readiness to be the party's secretary general. Socialist António José Seguro has never spoken of politics since he was defeated in direct elections to the PS secretary-general by António Costa in 2014.

"The victory [do PS] it is neither clear nor large, it is less than a little bit for those who have set the bar of the legislature in obtaining an absolute majority, "wrote Antonio Galamba, who was one of the most important members of the Socialist leadership with António José Seguro, in the published opinion article in the JN, after the results yesterday reached by the socialists in the European elections: 33,39%, against the 31,46% reached in 2014

On these results, António Galamba, who opposed the formation of the contraption, argues that the PS has evolved at a slower pace compared to the elections of five years ago. "It's also a bit shabby because in 2014 the PS evolved from 26.58% to 31.46%. And now? ", He asks in reference to the 33.39% of votes now achieved that represent an additional 1.93 percentage points (p.p) compared to the evolution registered in 2014 of 4.88 p.p.

Insurance's former right-hand man also points out that the 2019 victory margin is lower than the one obtained five years ago when the PS faced a coalition of the PSD with the CDS, so he says, "the comparison should be made with the sum of the individual PSD and CDS results in these elections. " Accounts made up – with these two parties adding 28.13% of the votes in 2019, against 27.7% in 2014 – António Galamba concludes: "And the sum gives a margin lower or slightly higher than the 3.75% advantage obtained in 2014 [diferença entre os 31,46% do PS e 27,7% do PSD]". In this year's European elections, the margin between PS and PSD / CDS score was set at 5.26.

The PS leader concludes, therefore, that "the victory is neither clear nor great, it is less than a little bit for those who have set the bar of the legislature in obtaining an absolute majority", emphasizing that "the BE on more than the PS ". For António Galamba, this leftist party "is the great winner of the Government support exercise in Parliament and demarcation in the field, obtaining, by the obtained electoral momentum, an imbalance in the Government's solution when projecting the PCP to a result in line with the last local elections.

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