António Raminhos reacts to the controversy around Zippy

António Raminhos reacts to the controversy around Zippy

The comedian was not indifferent to the controversy because of the new collection of the brand, which contains unisex clothing.

The recent collection launched by the Zippy brand with a line of unisex clothing has been in the spotlight, having caused a great controversy with opinions that divide. There are many who criticized the idea of ​​the brand and António Raminhos was not indifferent to the comments that have arisen, having been expressed publicly in social networks.

"I've just read this story of Zippy and unisex clothing, because I'm more concerned with solving what goes inside of me than what goes inside the others," he began by writing the humorist on his Instagram account, where he shares the example of their daughters.

"Yesterday one of my daughters wanted hooks in her hair and I found myself saying that elastic was better and that I should wear the elastic that 'looked prettier' and she 'does not want to! I want hooks' and I 'but look how the hair falls forward and …' and … 'what the hell am I doing?' She who goes as she wants! Why should I limit the choices? We all know how we hate being pushed. They go the way they want! Sometimes beautiful, others drag queen style, others look like they fell inside the wardrobe … and notice that it seems … to me! Because in your little head go beautiful! And not infrequently must the father say, 'Do not wear this girlish thing!' … now I'm just going to put my mother's underwear on and walk in front of the mirror, "he added, referring to" imposes an ideology, a taste or a way of being. "

It's for vegans, for politics, for football, for religion … I feel sorry for saying more about this person than about the other. is it different to question everything we believe in? And it moves in … and we do not want it to move in. 'So I've been keeping this quiet for so long now does this abnormal say that it can be done differently? ' And you know what? The Universe (or God or nothing) is shitting itself to what we think of others, what we wear, what religion we are because it is enough, genuinely, to look into myself and realize 'I just need to be nothing and be everything' ! Does this mean what? Being nothing to others and everything to me, because if everything is for me I am perfectly happy that others are everything to them"he concluded.

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