ANTRAM counts 23 drivers on strike – Jornal Económico

The National Association of Public Hauliers (ANTRAM) says that of the 5,660,000 drivers of hazardous materials, only 23 are on strike.

The numbers put forward by the spokesman for the National Association of Public Hauliers, André Matias de Almeida, to the Observer on Monday were challenged by representatives of the two unions that began the strike.

To the news, the president of the Independent Union of Freight Drivers (SIMM), Jorge Cordeiro, considered that these are "without foundation" and that they do not have access to official data.

For his part, Pedro Pardal Henriques, spokesman for the National Union of Hazardous Drivers (SNMMP), says that "about 80% of drivers" associated with his union are on strike, enough to exceed about 0, 4% that are on strike in the numbers advanced by ANTRAM.

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