ANTRAM says meeting at Ministry “doesn't exist” and “it's a scam” – Jornal Económico

"The National Association of Public Road Hauliers (ANTRAM) will not be at this meeting because this meeting simply does not exist," the association's lawyer and spokesman, André Matias de Almeida, told Lusa.

“This meeting is a scam intended once again to deceive the media and the Portuguese people about the alleged availability of this union [de Mercadorias de Matérias Perigosas] to negotiate, ”the lawyer added.

The statements of the representative of ANTRAM contradict those of the vice-president of the National Union of Hazardous Goods (SNMMP), Pedro Pardal Henriques, who told Lusa today that he would submit “several proposals” at a meeting to be held on Monday. Ministry of Infrastructure.

Contacted by Lusa, official source of the Ministry led by Pedro Nuno Santos declined to talk about the subject.

André Matias de Almeida assured, however, that “ANTRAM was not summoned, received no notice of any summons of any meeting”, neither by SNMMP nor by the ministry.

Asked about the openness to negotiate new proposals submitted by the unions, the ANTRAM spokesman said the association “is always available to negotiate, provided it is not under blackmail and under pressure and this implies lifting the strike notice” .

“Not only is this new hazardous materials union proposal a farce in that it does not imply any reduction, but on the contrary it implies an increase of 150 euros compared to the original proposal, but on the other hand it does not raise the strike warning knowing that this is a total blackmail to the negotiation ”, defended André Matias de Almeida.

"This is no way to reach an understanding, this is solely and exclusively an attempt to wash one's face before the Portuguese media and public opinion," added the ANTRAM spokesman.

The SNMMP vice president said he had “several proposals” to present at a meeting on Monday at the Ministry of Infrastructure and stressed that the union structure always wanted to avoid the strike.

“There are several proposals that we want to make to the Minister of Infrastructure [Pedro Nuno Santos] and ANTRAM, ”he told Lusa Pedro Pardal Henriques.

The proposal, said Pardal Henriques, is to increase the base salary of drivers to a thousand euros by 2025, indexed to the growth of the national minimum wage, which allows “a longer period, so that companies can comply with what is left. collective bargaining agreement, so that there is the social peace that the country needs ”.

"The point is that ANTRAM does not want to sit with the unions, does not want to hear proposals and wants to put the country on this alert", accused the union leader, ensuring that the union intends to find a solution that avoids the strike.

The strike called by the SNMMP and the Independent Freight Drivers Union (SIMM), which begins indefinitely on August 12, threatens the supply of fuel and other goods.

The Government will have to set minimum strike services after the trade unions and ANTRAM proposals have diverged between 25% and 70%, as well as including overtime work and loading and unloading operations.

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