«App» launched that maps local production in the Algarve

«App» launched that maps local production in the Algarve

The In Loco Association took another step to make local production in the region more accessible by making information available on the web and mobile application «Cá se faz», which promotes direct forms of food supply.

"From home or anywhere else, consumers can, with a simple click on their mobile phone, know where to find local products closest to them", reveals the association.

Created as part of the “100% Local” initiative, this technological tool “puts agri-food production in the Algarve region at the center of attention”.

Quickly and simply, it allows users to identify producers, products and their places of origin and sales.

Referenced producers were visited to validate production and marketing methods, using a set of criteria.

“This previous process of characterization and consultation, aims to ensure that the production and processing practices of the products referred to in« Cá se Fazem »contribute, on the one hand, to sustainability and to the promotion of agro-food diversity in the region and, for on the other hand, to verify that the proper quality and freshness of the food highlighted there is ensured ”, says In Loco, in a statement.

Only fresh and processed agri-food products whose traceability is known for the geographical proximity between the point of production and the point (s) of sale and which are produced in the proper season, in a sustainable and responsible production mode, are referenced.

"In this way, In Loco will be able to guarantee that reliable producers and products are being distinguished", highlights the association.

The project team says that, with the launch of this application, «100% Local» thus fulfills its “mission of making production more accessible, responding to technology challenges, hoping to attract new generations and putting products and producers in the spotlight , which makes even more sense in the face of the pandemic we are experiencing ”.

The application can be accessed directly on the website, or downloaded to mobile devices, being available for free in android or ios format, in the respective Google Playstore and App Store.

This tool was produced with financial support from NOPLANETB-AMI, Instituto Camões and the European Union.


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