Apple Introduces Innovative Technologies to Develop Apps – iOS

Apple Introduces Innovative Technologies to Develop Apps - iOS

Apple announced in the 2019 edition of the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) the launch of several innovative technologies that will aim to make the task of creating new and powerful applications easier and faster for developers.

The main novelty is Swift UI, which will allow you to create interfaces for mobile applications using much less code. The new framework is based on Swift, Apple's popular programming language that was used to build more than 450,000 applications, and connects to Xcode, the software used to build apps for iOS and iPad.

This turns out to be the answer of the company led by Tim Cook to tools of great success and popularity like the React Native, created by Facebook, or the Flutter, of Google. Still, developers around the world look forward to what Apple has in store for them with the new SwiftUI. Martin Lasek, an independent developer, told Business Insider that "it was like magic" after witnessing at WWDC "the incredibly small amount of code" that will be needed, considering SwiftUI "very promising."

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Apple also unveiled new features for its augmented reality platform, namely ARKit3 and RealityKit. With ARKit3 you can access new features such as motion capture, occlusion of people, tracking multiple faces or simultaneous use of front and rear camera, among others.

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RealityKit will aim to facilitate the integration of 3D content into applications, including augmented reality. Comes with another tool, Reality Composer, that will make it easier for developers with no experience in 3D modeling content in this type of graphics for games and applications. RealityKit will be available for all Apple platforms, including iOS 13 and Catalina MacOS.

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