Apple invests $ 600 million in processor manufacturer

Apple invests $ 600 million in processor manufacturer

The apple brand bought part of Dialog Semiconductor, absorbing about 300 engineers, securing new investments for the next three years.

In order to produce more technological components internally, Apple acquired a part of the European manufacturer Dialog Semiconductor, a specialist in the construction of processors. The deal, valued at 300 million dollars, guarantees the licensing of some technologies related to food management.

300 engineers (about 16 percent of the workforce) were also transferred to Apple, with the company securing an additional $ 300 million for future investments in Dialog over the next three years. According to the statement from Dialog, the engineers who moved to Apple had already worked with the company for many years, becoming experts in the development of processors. The transition will allow even closer and more effective collaboration, refers to technology.

By 2021, Apple will have invested $ 600 million, with the development of technologies related to power management, audio subsystems, charging and other components connected to integrated circuits. With this investment, Dialog intends to accelerate investments in the area of ​​IoT, mobile, car systems, computing and storage. The company also wants to start a repurchase program of up to 10% of its shares.

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