Apple may be preparing releases for 2019 – Hardware

Apple may be preparing releases for 2019 - Hardware

The technology giant may be preparing a series of major releases soon, Bloomberg says. As sources close to Apple's Web site have indicated, the new devices could arrive as early as September, but Apple could take advantage of the holiday season to launch hardware, software and services.

Forecasts point to the arrival of three new iPhones, with two “Pro” devices, which will replace the XS and XS Max models, and one that could be the successor to the iPhone XR. Aesthetically similar to current models, the possible releases will have greater resistance to both falls and water.

The “Pro” version of the new smartphones will stand out mainly for its image and video capture features, which promise not only to get closer to professional quality, but also to make use of intelligence software. in combination with a new camera system.

Already thinking about the 2020 releases, sources close to Apple have indicated to Bloomberg that there is a strong possibility that iPhones released this year include not only 5G, but also cameras with 3D functionality, increasing augmented reality capabilities.

But that's not all: You can also expect the release of new improved versions of the basic iPad and the "Pro", as well as the long-awaited MacBook Pro. According to Bloomberg, rumors of the arrival of the specially targeted computer The professional market can prove to be true.

The next version of the AirPods could be scheduled for 2020 and, although more expensive, will be more water resistant and will have a greater emphasis on noise cancellation. The launch of a more affordable version of HomePod is allegedly also in the technology giant's plans.

According to Bloomberg, although a spokeswoman for the company declined to comment on whether the releases could materialize, there has not yet been an official response from Apple.

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