Apple Special Event: What's New in the Apple Kingdom? – Computers

Apple Special Event: What's New in the Apple Kingdom? - Computers

Apple reserved today for another special product announcements event, with experts to "account" for what could be revealed, among new variations of the iPad or a redesign on their line of Mac computers. Under the phrase "There's more in the making," Apple has made successive teasings using its iconic apple, with hundreds of design variations, spurring the curiosity of followers of the brand.

Directly from the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the event kicked off with a video dedicated to the life style of New York, where Apple products with the classic dedication "I Love NY" fit. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple appeared on stage applauded, reinforcing the chemistry with the city.

As you might guess, the Mac was the first product to be featured, which in retrospect revealed that the computer surpassed 100 million users. The Apple boss highlighted Mac Book Air as the product that stood out in the company's portfolio, thanks to its design, and innovative technology, embracing the notion that "less can be more." With this, Tim Cook announced a new model of the range with retina display.

The new Mac Book Air has been redesigned and features new technologies, with a stylish design, highlighting the Retina Display, much requested by users. The frame was removed, including the screen embedded in the chassis itself. It will have four times more resolution on its 13.3-inch screen, with 4 million pixels. The screen will also have a conference room. The laptop also includes Touch ID technology, which allows you to unlock the computer with fingerprints, which was entered directly on the keyboard. Apple promises greater security, with data encryption, ensuring that users' files remain secure.

Apple has revealed that the laptop features a new generation keyboard, the one that has been a headache for the manufacturer. Features 20% of area on the touchpad, supporting more gestures from users. It has an eighth generation Intel i5 processor, with up to 16 GB of RAM and a 1.5 TB SSD. Apple promises a volume of minus 17% over the previous model. It weighs 1,250 pounds and was built with 100% recycled aluminum, which helps reduce carbon footprint in nature.

The computer can be ordered from today, available the next day November 7 from $ 1,199, for a configuration of 8 GB and 128 GB of storage.

But the news about the Mac universe does not end here. The new Mac Mini was also revealed, considered by the manufacturer as a "beast," all equipped with six cores with quad-core Intel i3 eighth-generation processors, promising to be five times faster than the previous model.

The computer can be equipped with up to 64 GB of RAM 2666. All will have flash memories up to 2TB, double the previous ones. It's also promised a new cooling system, four Thunderbolt 3.0 ports, HDMI and 10GB ethernet connections. The Mac Mini boots with prices of $ 799 next November 7. Apple keeps building 100% recycled aluminum, just like its "big brother."

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