Apple wants to make iPhone only with clean energy and will rely on Foxconn – Computers

Apple wants to make iPhone only with clean energy and will rely on Foxconn - Computers

With these new compromise agreements rises to 44 the number of partners of the company committed to work more and more with clean energies. The step is fundamental to make the owner of the iPhone a company truly committed to the theme, since 74% of its ecological footprint comes from the activity of the partners.

In recent years the theme of environmental responsibility has gained prominence for Apple, which at the beginning of the decade was still far from the top places in the rankings that evaluate the companies' efforts with these matters.

The company has put in place an ambitious plan to start using only renewable energies in the activity and in recent years has reached successive goals. In April of last year it announced that the facilities only used clean energies. Months later, in October, it reached the same goal in the chain of stores, but for products placed on the market to use only clean energy, suppliers must be put on the same path.

Adding to this list names like Foxconn is an important milestone, as the Taiwanese company is the world's largest manufacturer of electronic components and responsible for the manufacture of the iPhone and other gadgets of the brand. TSMC, which manufactures processors for the iPhone and iPad, is another key piece to achieving the goal.

Reuters Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president for the environment, policies and social initiatives, did not want to say what steps Apple intends to take if partners fail to deliver on the commitment. He preferred to underline that "it took some time for them to join us, but we believe that now that they have been able to do so they are completely committed."

The "green" commitment of 15 more vendors has enabled Apple to revise the targets set for 2020. Instead of 4 gigawatts, the iPhone owner believes that its supply chain will be able to use 5 gigawatts of renewable energy in one go year.

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