Approved hiring of sign language interpreters for the NHS – The Economic Journal

Approved hiring of sign language interpreters for the NHS - The Economic Journal

The hiring of up to 25 Portuguese sign language interpreters in 2019 was approved today in the vote on the specialty of the State Budget, an amendment proposal presented by the PAN.

In the special issue of the State Budget for 2019 (2019), the first day of which is taking place today in Parliament, one of the points of a BE amendment was also unanimously approved, which states that "during 2019 it will be strengthened the number of professionals working at the National Institute of Medical Emergency "and the proposal, also of the blockers, for a launch next year of" an extraordinary bankruptcy procedure for admission to Medical Internship. "

The proposal to change the PAN on the contracting of Portuguese Sign Language interpreters to the National Health Service was approved with the votes in favor of the PS, BE and PCP and the abstention of the PSD and CDS-PP.

According to the text, the Government has to carry out, next year, "the hiring of up to 25 interpreters of Portuguese Sign Language for the National Health Service, prioritizing the response to emergency episodes in the context of Emergency Medical and Surgical Services."

In September, in an interview with the Lusa news agency about the OE2019, PAN's single deputy, André Silva, added that inclusion was one of the party's concerns for the last budget of this legislature, announcing that it was trying to have sign language interpreters the National Health Service, the initial proposal being "a minimum of a few dozen distributed throughout the country."

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