Apps and Gadgets to enhance your children's studies

Apps and Gadgets to enhance your children's studies

A few years ago, when the famous “Magalhães” appeared and spread, the ambition was to launch teaching in Portugal in the 19th century. XXI, but nobody could predict that in the strangest possible way, the technological revolution in education would be enhanced by a pandemic.

If previously books, notebooks and pencils marked the daily routine of students, the end of the previous school year introduced new words in the lexicon of students, teachers and guardians. Gadgets like tablets or headsets and videoconferencing apps have become invaluable helpers in the educational process and this new school year will be no different.

It will be a demanding year, a requirement that starts in the family budget to acquire these technologies so important in education in 2020. With the economic crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important for parents, in the first place, to provide their students with all the resources for them to succeed, but preferably to do so until savings are put in check.

There are several ways to do this and hundreds of solutions on the market. Given their flexibility, credit cards can be a good solution. Take the case of Unibanco's credit solutions. With the “Back to School” campaign, this bank is promoting the offer of a credit card without annual fees and with a cashback offer that allows customers to receive part of what they spend on purchases and to split payments into 3x interest-free payments (above 300 euros). In addition to these advantages for those who need a budget break to buy a PC or tablet for their child, a Unibanco card such as Atitude gives you discounts in specialty stores, points that are worth prizes and, as the technological revolution has also reached this institution, this card has 100% digital membership through the Unibanco website.

Needs highlighted, budget guaranteed, we leave you with some technological proposals to enhance your child's studies:

Huawei Matebook D 14

The videoconference classes exposed a gap in Portuguese students. A large proportion of the students did not have a computer in order to participate in distance learning. So that nothing is missing from your student in the 2020/2021 school year, Huawei makes available to students the Matebook D14 which has storage of 512 GB SSD, 8 GB of RAM, an AMD Ryzen 5 processor (3500U), autonomy of 9, 5 hours, and a size (14 '') and weight (1.35 kg) which makes it easy to transport. This year Huawei entered into a partnership with Porto Editora to offer a year of virtual school to students of Basic and Secondary Education. Another highlight is the excellent privacy solution with the front camera.

Sony Headphones WH-CH510

You never know when face-to-face classes will be paused. In order to avoid cacophony at home during a video conference, consider adding a pair of headphones to your PC. Sony offers a wireless headset with a battery life of 35 hours and sound quality.

Alcatel 3T 8 Tablet

To add to the PC or replace it, a tablet can be a good solution since it keeps all the tools of the first, but as a smaller size and weight. Alcatel 3T 8 has an 8-inch screen with a blue light filter (protects children's eyes) and a reading mode that adjusts the screen to black and white. It is also equipped with Kids Mode, which allows parents to control access permissions more easily. In addition to the screen, it has excellent sound quality and Miracast allows you to synchronize with a TV in real time.

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX II-T Scientific Calculator

Aimed at slightly older students, the Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX II-T scientific calculator is perfectly adapted to this new technological time, as it is capable of modulating all types of graphs in real time and passing them on to the computer. It is approved by the Ministry of Education for exams and will help to improve secondary school performance (which helps to amortize expenses).

Moleskine Smart Writting Set Notepad

Forget the old pad and pen. The “old folks” notebooks have now undergone an important update with the Moleskine Smart Writting Set. The system of this innovative notebook allows the aluminum Pen + to “read” in real time what the user writes and draws on the sheet of paper and cast that content to an app installed on your phone.

Ideal to accompany the subjects that your child is studying, this Moleskine Smart Writting Set can store up to 1000 pages in analog mode (without being paired with the phone or tablet) and allows quick sharing via email / Google Drive / Evernote of notes and illustrations.

Scribzee app

With this application, your child will be able to transform handwritten notes into digital files and also share them easily. Comparatively superior to a smartphone camera, the Scribzee application, thanks to the references integrated in the 4 corners of the connected Oxford notebooks, automatically detects the text area to be processed and digitizes only that area.

App Dora: Around the World

Learn geography while playing. This is what the App “Dora: Around the World” proposes to children in pre-school. The application also has numerous complementary tasks that make games more interactive and lively.

Smartwatch MOVETIME Family Watch movetime family watch mt40

This new Smartwatch is a fun daily companion for children, allowing them to call or send messages to selected parents and friends, while providing accurate tracking of location and geo-delimitation capabilities, in case children leave an area predefined. In addition, this smartwatch provides children with a list of tasks and reminder functions to help them manage their own time.


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