April of surprises at Cineteatro Louletano

April of surprises at Cineteatro Louletano

In April, a thousand events, marked by the return of the main concert halls to the classroom regime, something that will happen – if everything goes as expected – on the 19th.

The April program is a “hybrid” that gathers events online until the 10th and then returns to events with the public, even if conditioned to the hygiene and safety measures in force. And Cineteatro Louletano brings us a handful of news.

To begin with, the “Cinema at Thursdays” section is extended, with the support of the Loulé Film Office and curated by Rui Tendinha, with two great films, “Corte de Cabelo”, a classic by Joaquim Sapinho that made a splash in movie theaters. and “A Morte de Luís XIV”, a 2016 historical drama directed by Albert Serra and starring Jean-Pierre Léaud that premiered in Cannes in 2016. In April, the films of “Cinema à Quintas” can be seen for free on the page Cineteatro Louletano's Facebook page, between 7 pm and midnight.

Abril also brings us a Theater play staged for video, conceived by professionals, “Desconfi (n) ados – Uma Teatral Short Film”, by the Community Theater Group – Quarteira Fora da Caixa, on the 3rd of this month.

On the 10th, more theater, but this time with the influence of music, with the Companhia de Música Teatral. “O Céu por Cima de Cá” has a show at 5 pm.

To close the online programming via Facebook of Cineteatro Louletano, also at 10, we propose music with “Encontro ao Piano”, in an event in which the singer César Matoso joins the pianist Tiago Sequeira for an intimate concert.

The 19th will be special, not only because it marks the reopening of the rooms at national level, but also because it marks the 91st anniversary of the oldest room in Loulé and one of the oldest in the Algarve, the Cineteatro Louletano. Thus, at 7 pm, to celebrate the return of the public to this enclosure, there is a Portuguese “muse” with an international career, Teresa Salgueiro. The former Madredeus singer brings us “Por Dentro do Silêncio”, with her discreet and delicate presence and an extraordinary voice.

Shortly thereafter, at 23, Dance invades the Cineteatro stage, with the company In Tranz Yt. A young formation, from Vila Nova de Famalicão, that bets on its own creations, as well as on reinterpretations of other companies and that has been gaining wings in Portugal and abroad.

The next day, on the 24th, it is the turn of the Harp Festival to “invade” the Auditorium of Solar da Música Nova, with the talented harpist based in the Algarve Helena Madeira and several students from the Conservatory of Music of Loulé Francisco Rosado and the 27th, one of the most anticipated shows of the year, with an actress who needs no introduction: Eunice Muñoz joins on stage her granddaughter and actress Lídia Muñoz to bring us “A Margem do Tempo”, a play staged by Sérgio Moura Afonso with which Eunice intends, at 92, abandon the stage.

On the 29th, again the dance, with “Dias Countados”. Choreographer Elizabete Francisca portrays a drama that has affected many young people, including herself: the famine of housing and the scourge of evictions in rented houses.

Finally, we went out with the music. It is the International Jazz Day, on April 30, with the CAL Jazz Collective.

It should be remembered that the Cineteatro is a cultural structure in the field of performing arts of the Municipality of Loulé, integrated in the Rede Azul – Theater Network of the Algarve and in the Rede 5 Sentidos.


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