Are you a college student? Learn how to read the JE for free – The Economic Journal

The contents premium of the Economic Journal are available free of charge to all students, faculty and staff of several leading Portuguese universities and colleges, in digital format. If you study or work in one of the higher education institutions mentioned in the list below, you can access all the contents free of charge premium of the Economic Journal, including the weekly edition, the exclusive JE, the specials and subscriptions reserved to subscribers.

Access must be made with a device connected to the wi-fi network of higher education establishments. Then you only need to enter the site JE Leitor, our content portal premium – and click the @office button in the upper right corner. By pressing this button, you Login automatic and has access to all content published since the launch of Jornal Económico.

If you have any questions, please contact us through our Help Line (telephone 217 655 300), or check the Frequently Asked Questions. Also know the advantages of being a Subscriber of Jornal Econômico and the different solutions we have to provide you.

This initiative to promote financial literacy with the academic community is supported by EDP in the higher education institutions of the continent. In Madeira, this initiative is supported by the Sharing Foundation.

Portucalense University

✓ Department of Law
✓ Department of Economics Management and Informatics
✓ Heritage and Culture Tourism Department
✓ Department of Psychology and Education

University of Beira Interior

✓ Faculty of Sciences
✓ Faculty of Engineering
✓ Faculty of Social and Human Sciences
✓ Faculty of Arts and Letters
✓ Faculty of Health Sciences

University of Porto

✓ Faculty of Architecture
✓ Faculty of Fine Arts
✓ Faculty of Sciences
✓ Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences
✓ Sports College
✓ Faculty of Law
✓ Faculty of Economics
✓ Faculty of Engineering
✓ Faculty of Pharmacy
✓ Faculty of Arts
✓ Faculty of Medicine
✓ Faculty of Dental Medicine
✓ Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
✓ Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences
✓ Porto Business School

Minho's university

✓ School of Architecture
✓ School of Sciences
✓ School of Law
✓ School of Economics and Management
✓ School of Engineering
✓ School of Medicine
✓ School of Psychology
✓ Higher Nursing School
✓ Institute of Social Sciences
✓ Institute of Education
✓ Institute of Letters and Human Sciences

Catholic University of Porto
✓ Catholic Porto Business School
✓ School of Arts
✓ Higher School of Biotechnology
✓ Faculty of Law
✓ Faculty of Education and Psychology
✓ Faculty of Theology
✓ Institute of Bioethics
✓ Institute of Health Sciences
✓ Nursing School

Portuguese Catholic University of Lisbon

✓ Faculty of Economics and Business | Catholic Lisbon School of Business & Economics
✓ Faculty of Human Sciences
✓ Faculty of Law – Lisbon School
✓ Faculty of Theology
✓ Institute of Health Sciences
✓ Institute of Political Studies
✓ Higher Institute of Canon Law

European University

✓ IADE – Creative University
✓ IPAM – Portuguese Institute of Management of Markting

University of Lisbon

✓ Faculty of Architecture
✓ Faculty of Law
✓ Higher Institute of Economics and Management

University of Lisbon

✓ New School of Business and Economics

University of Madeira

✓ Faculty of Arts and Humanities
✓ Faculty of Exact Sciences and Engineering
✓ Faculty of Social Sciences
✓ Faculty of Life Sciences
✓ Higher School of Technology and Management
✓ Higher School of Health

✓ = Departments, schools, colleges and institutes of universities that already have the @office in operation

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