Are you looking for a "nightspot" for Saturday night? iOS

Are you looking for a "nightspot" for Saturday night? iOS

It's called Wikinight and it's an app that wants to gather information for anyone looking for discos, bars, concerts, theaters and other events. For Android and iOS.

The Wikinight app was developed in Portugal and is aimed at those who want to enjoy the nightlife, making it easier to locate events in Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra, but the objective is to widen the geographical areas covered, with the Algarve being the next destination.

The agenda is one of the main navigation points, along with the nightspots search, with a map that helps you locate the intended destinations. There are suggestions but also several filters that help you choose the best locations according to your preferences. Users can accumulate points that entitle offers and vouchers to multiple locations.

The application was developed by a Portuguese young man who obtained funding at the Web Summit and officially launched the project on October 28 of this year, with the goal of further expanding its scope and the number of covered spots.

The app is available for free for iOS and Android platforms.

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