Armação de Pêra fishermen are recognized

Armação de Pêra fishermen are recognized

A photographic exhibition dedicated to the fishermen of the village has been on display at the Praça Velha building in Armação de Pêra since last February 8th. The photographer Christine Baumkirch Miguel for some time portrayed the current fishermen in the village, "many of those who work with them and still some who will never cease to be", adds the municipality.

Christine Baumkirch Miguel, who arrived in Armação de Pêra more than 20 years ago, always admired the relationship between fishing and the identity of the village, until recently she decided to pay tribute to the fishermen. Who also wanted to pay homage to the fishermen of the village was the president of the parish council, Ricardo Pinto, who was "surprised by the photographer's work on social networks".

Armação de Pêra fishermen – photographic work by Christine Baumkirch Miguel

The portraits that Christine took resulted in a photographic exhibition displayed in the Praça Velha building, in the form of a tribute to those who, more than 400 years ago, established a tuna frame in the formerly called Baía de Pêra giving rise to the current settlement. Source of the board says that. «Eighteen years after the last relevant action developed in the village to benefit this activity and its professionals, the installation of current fishing support; on the same date the fair and deserved tribute to local fishermen takes place. With this initiative, it was also possible to dignify a municipal building that had long been degraded ».

Thus, anyone who passes near the Praça Velha building has the opportunity to contemplate the photographic exhibition with many of the faces that symbolize the connection of Armação de Pêra to the sea. «There were doubts about the importance of culture, for our well-being and happiness, and they could now be dissolved in a small hygienic walk», suggests the parish council.


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