Around 39% of Europeans would agree to sell their personal data – News

Around 39% of Europeans would agree to sell their personal data - News

Controversies over private data sharing and the danger of exposed accounts, going to the wrong hands, do not deter potential users from selling their information. According to a Kaspersky Lab investigation, one in five individuals (18%) would make their privacy available, sharing their data to receive something free in return. More than a third, about 39% would accept to receive money in exchange for giving total access of their personal data to strangers.

The security expert says that this share-sharing behavior can lead to long-term damage. The company gives the example of how very old Twitter messages of personalities like James Gunn and Kevin Hart have had repercussions in the present; namely the dismissal of the director of Disney, and the decision of the actor to move away of the presentation of the Oscars derived to the controversies, damaging its reputations and careers.

To the same extent, social networks, such as Facebook and Linkedin, are increasingly used by potential employers to check the reputation of their employees and candidates, as well as behaviors that disrespect the company. According to statistics from Career Builder, reported by Kaspersky, 57% of employers have already found content on social networks that were responsible for not recruiting candidates and that one-third (34%) have already chastised or dismissed a collaborator because of online content.

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